Spa Marvel® - How it works

Spa Marvel® is an enzyme based hot tub water treatment designed specifically for the spa and hot tub industry.

There are several different enzymes in the Spa Marvel® water treatment formula. These enzymes are very effective at cleaning the water, yet still 100% safe for children, pets, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, plants, river, lakes, streams and ponds.

The Spa Marvel® enzymes are unique in that they can operate at higher temperatures than other enzymes and that makes them ideal for hot tub use. In addition to their ability to thrive at high temperatures, these enzymes also have a long shelf life of 5 years.

pH Factor

The pH of water is determined mostly by contaminants that enter the water such as soap residues, dead skin cells, lotions, human waste, etc. These contaminants will cause the water pH to rise and/or drop sharply. The traditional method to balance the pH is to add chemicals to the water. Although adding a chemical will reverse the pH and provide you with a normal reading using standard pH testing procedures, the contaminants that caused the pH problem remain in the water, in addition to the newly added chemical used to reverse the problem pH readout. pH testing is done because chlorine and bromine only work within certain pH ranges. Spa Marvel maintains it's own pH range regardless of the contaminants entering the water because it eliminates the contaminants without the need for pH adjusting chemicals. These enzymes bond to the contaminant that enter the water (by using naturally occurring magnetically charged technology). The contaminants are attracted to these enzymes and are captured in the filter. This action occurs whether the contaminant is acidic or alkaline. The pH level will fluctuate somewhat between 7.2-8.4, depending on the amount of daily contamination, but will usually stabilize within normal range without using any chemicals.

Removal of Contaminants

Spa Marvel® removes organic contaminants from the water thereby helping to prevent the water from becoming murky and unpleasant. No organic chemicals that affect water clarity are unaffected by Spa Marvel®.

The enzymes in Spa Marvel® are positively charged to attract any oils, organic particles and by-products in your spa and hot tub. They then bond to these contaminants and dissolve them away allowing them to be effortlessly filtered from your spa and hot tub water. It also softens the water and keeps minerals from building up along the water line effectively eliminating the spa & hot tub equivalent of "bathtub ring".


Spa Marvel® Water Treatment & Conditioner is compatible with chlorine, bromine, and ozone sanitizers. It is not compatible with biquanide products.
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