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Works great every year all season (6/16/2020)
Excellent product, I've been using these for several years now! It works great all season. Like others, Dale (the owner of Niftystuff) suggested I get my yellow jacket trap out in early spring to catch the queen yellow jackets, I always catch several in the spring now. This means less nests through the summer, and it works amazing every year. Through the summer you catch yellow jackets pretty consistently, it works. I highly recommend getting these from Niftystuff!

Tim - Alberta, Canada
Caught several queens the couple days (10/21/2019)
Dale, the owner of Niftystuff is really easy to work with. He suggested I get my new yellow jacket trap out in early spring. that is when you catch the queen yellow jackets. He was right, we caught several queen yellow jackets in the first few days and a few more in the next week or two. Dale said 'every queen you catch in spring is one less nest'. Again he was right because we've had far fewer yellow jackets this year.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Doug - Pincher Creek Alberta
Hundreds of yellow jackets and wasps have been caught in this trap in three weeks (10/8/2019)
We put this on our backyard wooden deck railing on Sept 14. After 3 days, it began to work. Now, on Oct 8, it’s caught hundreds of yellow jackets and wasps over the last few weeks. My husband is allergic to bees and wasps, so it has been a lifesaver for us.

Joyful - Mission, BC
Death to wasps and yellowjackets (8/15/2019)
This really works great! Whatever the attractant is that they use, it seems to draw the little demons in like magic. Just make sure that you don't hang it too close to where you are sitting outside!

Really fast delivery! Nice people to deal with. Always friendly and helpful.

Steve E - Edmonton
This thing really works (8/6/2019)
This product is amazing. Whatever special attractant is in this thing is like crack for wasps - they can’t stay away from it and they can’t escape once they succumb to the draw. We had this hanging for 3 hours when it was already filled at least a dozen wasps. Have tried countless different traps. There is nothing on the market more effective than the Rescue brand trap.

Kathleen - Victoria
Still working after 3 years (5/15/2019)
put up and was chalk full of wasps in 2 months, I got one for my self when we had discovered a nest and again in 2 months was chalk full, way more effective than anything else I have ever tried for sure. Like that is reusable, just put up and take down at night when too cool for them to be around, if putting up when they are active they instantly are attracted to it. This website is the only place I can find the 10 week attractant. Three years in and still using with success

Bob - Kingston
Best yellowjacket traps EVER! (5/24/2012)
I had two of these traps. But they worked so good I actually had one stolen off my garage. They are the best trap I have ever seen. Glad to see we can now get them in Canada.
Got mine the day after I ordered it. Great service!

Daryl - Calgary Alberta
Wasp fear? This really helped me (7/8/2010)
I first tried the yellow jacket trap in my back yard. I am deadly afraid of wasps. I am now able to sit outside and enjoy the weather. These traps are wonderful. The only problem that I had was getting the attractant refill. The problem was solved with being able to order the 10 week one from this website. I now have brought the product in my seniors lodge. It is working wonders in our courtyard. Great product and fast shipping.

Bonnie - Canada

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